L&M Professional Services

Services Overview

If you are unsure of what services your business is in need of, we offer free consultations!

Bookkeeping & Back-office Support

Every business must have a handle on their books. You need to know where you are fiscally and wh​ere you want to go and L&M Professional Services can help you build the path to success. As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, we have the experience to guide you towards growth.

L&M Professional Services customizes bookkeeping packages to each client, so they aren’t paying for tasks that they don’t need. We can do Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and compile all of the required financial statements you need to make decisions for your growing business.

If you have fallen behind on your books, we can rescue you from the daunting pile of receipts, invoices, checks and customer invoices that are piling up. L&M Professional Services was built to help.

Human Resources

Human Resources is a major part of any small business that employs even just one employee. If you need to hire more help, L&M Professional Services is here!

We can place the ad, manage the flood of resumes received and even do the first interview for you. L&M can also assist with developing an employee handbook customized to your business. When it comes to exiting employees, we can help with that as well.

Marketing Support

In the changing times we are all experiencing, we need to develop new ways of doing business. In order to ensure growth, marketing is a necessity. Now is not the time to stop reaching out to customers and building your business.

Digital marketing, logo & business product design and social media management is at the heart of L&M Professional Services. With a Artist’s eye for detail, we can design your marketing plans and materials to attract the right customers to your small business.


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